Blue Diamond Natural Oven Roasted Almonds Dark Chocolate

Blue Diamond Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor Oven Roasted Almonds. Smart Eating! No Added Oil. A Handful a Day for Smart Snacking. Oven Roasted almonds with no added oil are a healthy snack, offering a rich blend of indulgent flavors and an abundance of nutritional benefits. Eating almonds as part of your healthy lifestyle also provides you with a satisfying snack that fills you up with fewer calories, and helps with weight management. Almonds are calorie smart. No Cholesterol. Good Source of Fiber. High Source of Vitamin E. No Artificial Ingredients. From the Almond People. 9g total carbs - 3g fiber = 6g net carbs per serving. Questions or comments Write Blue Diamond Customer Support, Sacramento, CA 95812. Please include code number found on jar with all inquiries.