Boost Compact Complete Nutritional Drink Very Vanilla - 4 PK

Boost® Compact Very Vanilla Complete Nutritional Drink. Complete nutrition. Full size nutrition in a compact size drink†. 10g protein. 26 vitamins & minerals. 4-4 fl oz (125ml) bottles. Natural & artificial flavor. Gluten free. Suitable for lactose intolerance**. **Not for individuals with galactosemia. Big nutrition! Compact size nutritional information varies for each variety. Contains 55mg choline per serving, which is 10% of the daily value (DV) for choline (550mg). Produced with genetic engineering. Complete nutritional drink to help you be your best! It's good to know. Nestle health science. Nutritionist view: Boost® compact drink is designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition in a small, convenient serving size. Each 4 fl oz bottle provides 240 calories plus 10g of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 vitamins & minerals, including calcium & vitamin D to support strong bones. Contact our nutrition team. Call us toll free 1-800-247-7893 or visit Nutritional Compass®. Good to remember: Boost® compact drink provides complete and balanced nutrition in half the volume†. †4 fl oz compared to 8 fl oz in Boost® original drink. Please recycle this overwrap. All trademarks are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. Vevey, Switzerland. ©2016 Nestle. Stay strong, stay active with Boost®. Boost, compact, complete nutrition, big nutrition! Half the size†. Questions or comments. Contact our nutrition team. Call us toll free: 1-800-247-7893 or visit