NIVEA® Essentially Enriched Almond Oil Body Lotion 8.4 fl. oz. Bottle

Nivea® Essentially Enriched Very Dry, Rough Skin Almond Oil, Sea Minerals Daily Lotion. Hydra IQ. Non-stop 24hrs+. Fortifies. Enriches. 8.4 fl oz 250 ml. Light, rich. Nivea essentially enriched body lotion is a rich nourishing formula that dramatically reduces dryness and improves skin condition over time. With - benefit: Hydra IQ technology - all day moisturization. Natural sea minerals - healthier, well-balanced skin. Almond oil - softer, smoother skin texture. To turn very dry skin into healthier skin within 2 weeks. Nivea's exclusive Hydra IQ technology supports skin's own hydration network to unleash deep, non-stop moisture that lasts more than 24 hours. Dermatologically tested. Questions Comments 1-800-227-4703. BDF Beiersdorf. ®=reg ™ of Beiersdorf AG.